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Pedestrian Hit and Dragged Through New York City Q: What compensation is a pedestrian entitled to recover after an accident with a motor vehicle? The city that never sleeps, not surprisingly, sees a high volume of pedestrian accidents–and approximately 2% of such accidents are fatal. On average, there is one fatal pedestrian accident per day in NYC. The combination of a high volume of cars, buses, taxis, cyclists, pedestrians, and distracted tourists is a perfect storm for motor vehicle accidents and resulting personal injuries or fatalities. On the morning of October 30, 2016, a motorist in a minivan reportedly hit a 60 year-old woman near the entrance to the Midtown Tunnel in Manhattan and continued driving thereafter, dragging the woman along for about a city block before she finally became dislodged from the vehicle. At one point, a man believed to be the hit-and-run driver, driving against traffic, was captured on video footage apparently stopping to calmly remove two orange cones blocking his path and then getting back in and continuing his escape. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a serious leg injury and other bodily injuries and was listed in critical condition. What can a victim of an accident in New York City recover? Because New York is a “no-fault” state, regardless of who was at fault in an accident, the insurance company covering the car that caused the accident will generally pay up to the first $50,000 in legitimate economic losses, which includes such easy-to-calculate items as ambulance charges, medical bills, lost income during recovery, and costs for household services the victim can’t perform. A victim can also sue the driver at fault for intangible, non-economic losses like pain and suffering and losses over the $50,000 “no-fault” threshold. However, it’s important to assess the extent, if any, to which the pedestrian was at fault in the accident. Never give a statement to or accept a settlement from another insurance company or even your own insurance company, without first consulting a personal injury attorney. They are in the business to get you to accept less than you may be entitled to and may use your statements against you. A skilled attorney can evaluate your case and conduct an independent investigation and advise you as to how to maximize the amount of your recovery so you can get your life back. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a pedestrian accident or any other accident that was not your fault, contact the New York City Law firm of Jaroslawicz & Jaros at 800.269.2780 for a free consultation. We’ve been serving clients throughout New York, as well as those injured while visiting New York, for over 35 years.