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Whether you’re staying at a hotel, have a loved one that lives in a nursing home or are visiting a gym, bathrooms are some of the most dangerous places where slip and falls are commonplace, especially for older adults. There are some minor modifications that facility owners can make so that their bathrooms are safer places to be in.

Shower stalls can be particularly slippery, especially when soap or shampoo gets spilled on its slick floor. Even water that puddles along the tile can cause someone to slip and fall.

While it can be helpful if you install a nonslip floor throughout in any bathroom in New York City, strips affixed to the floor can go a long way in helping prevent falls as well. These can be purchased inexpensively at any Manhattan home improvement store.

While many designers will install low-wattage light bulbs in a bathroom to give it a relaxing vibe, poor lighting is one of the leading reasons why people fall in them. Subtle lighting makes it difficult for you to see wet floors and other hazards. The brighter that light is, the less likely it is that you are to miss them.

It doesn’t really matter what your age is, grab bars can help anyone when they move between a wet and dry surface such as a shower stall and the bathroom floor.

Individuals often fall getting in a tub or while they’re showering because the stall that they’re using is poorly lit, and it lacks many of the accessories that could have otherwise kept them safe. When slips and falls happen in public places such as shower stalls, it’s rarely your fault that you got hurt. A company may have simply failed to take reasonable precautions to keep you safe. An attorney can advise if you have a valid injury claim.