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Although car accident victims have the right to represent themselves during settlement negotiations and litigation, this is rarely a good idea. Even a small mistake can compromise your lawsuit, and settling for less than you deserve can lead to crippling debt. This is where an accident attorney can help.

According to the American Bar, pro se litigants are at a distinct disadvantage in the justice system. They often have little understanding of legal rules, procedures and practices. If you were injured due to another person’s negligence in New York, then contact Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC. A New York City auto accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and aggressively fight for the maximum compensation. Call [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] today to schedule a consultation. Until then, read on to learn five reasons why you should hire an auto accident attorney to handle your claim:

  1. Gather Strong Evidence

Quality evidence is the basis of every successful personal-injury claim. The majority of pro se litigants do not collect the right evidence or present it effectively, often because they do not understand how to prove liability. Medical records, expense lists, witnesses and police reports are just a few examples of evidence that can strengthen your claim.

  1. Handle Settlement Negotiations

The majority of personal-injury cases never go to court. Most plaintiffs prefer to settle as quickly as possible. Court requires time, resources and money, which few can afford; however, there are certain circumstances when it is best to take a case to trial. Your accident attorney will know if this is a smart decision and can handle your litigation.

  1. Avoiding Mistakes

Strict administrative rules and procedures exist in the justice system. If you do not adhere to them, then you may lose eligibility for compensation. The statute of limitations is possibly the most important of these rules. You have to file your lawsuit within a certain timeframe. If you are late, then the court will likely dismiss your claim.

  1. Avoid Federal Court

Traditionally, federal courts are friendlier to defendants than state courts. For this reason, you should avoid federal court. It is likely that the other party will try to take your case to federal court because it may work to his or her advantage. You should not let this happen. An auto accident lawyer will know how to counteract this move from the defendant and his or her legal and insurance teams.

  1. Represent Your Interests

When subjected to the potential loss of huge sums of money in a lawsuit, most defendants hire a defense lawyer. It is likely that he or she will use aggressive legal tactics to intimidate you. The goal of a defense attorney is to get you to settle for less or to discredit your claim entirely, usually through discoveries, trial and motions. You should get your own lawyer so you are not at a disadvantage. Without a New York City accident attorney to fight for your interests, you may end up recovering less compensation than you deserve – or none at all. If your injury happened in New York, then call Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] to discuss your options.