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A growing number of employees in New York City may be speaking up and reporting sexual harassment. Recently enacted municipal legislation helps to both prevent and address workplace harassment in NYC. The new law may help employees who endure on-the-job harassment to be much less fearful of retaliation or estrangement from coworkers. The entertainment field is also helping to bring to light the current severity of workplace harassment.

Celebrities tend to receive a great deal of attention and encourage others to come forward when they post their personal experiences with sexual abuse or harassment online. As reported by Fox News, Afton Williamson, the actress who left “The Rookie” police drama series, recently posted details of her sexual harassment, assault and racial discrimination while working on the set.

Ms. Williamson displayed courage in naming the individuals involved in her allegations. As a result of what she feels is an inadequate response to her claims, she declined to return to the series for another season. Her sharing of the unsettling events she endured may help other victims to come forward and seek the justice they deserve.

Employees in The Big Apple might find that the city’s forceful anti-harassment laws are a favorable dynamic in achieving justice. The Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act does more than prohibit discriminatory practices in the workplace. The law also increases to three years the statute of limitations for reporting harassment.

All New York City employees are covered by the new law, including those who work for small employers. In addition, NYC companies with a workforce of at least 15 employees must implement an annual training program that fully describes the various forms of workplace harassment. The annual training must also include a clearly defined complaint reporting process

Abuse, harassment or discrimination, however, may continue to occur subtly or overtly even after it has been reported. When repeated occurrences create a negative or uncomfortable workplace environment, seasoned and knowledgeable legal counsel may be the best way to obtain remedial action.