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New York is a city that prides itself on the amount of transportation options people have. People that want to get somewhere quick use the subway or a taxi. If someone wants to save money and get a good exercise in, they can use the sidewalk and cross the streets while slowly exploring the sites this city has to offer.

Unfortunately, New York is a place where several infrastructures need repair. This means that there are several areas in the city where a faulty sidewalk could cause serious injury to you or a loved one. Whether you are visiting or staying in this part of the state, it is imperative that you are aware of the dangers these crumbling sidewalks present to different citizens.


Those taking a quick jog in the area might not be ready for a faulty sidewalk panel at the corner of a turn. Runners generally try not to look down at the ground whenever they run, so they might not notice any loose bricks below that could cause them to slip. They should especially be cautious when approaching areas that look like they haven’t been repaired in years or have decorative bricks designed to look historic. Dangers of these types of sidewalks can be found in Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace, or as the residents like to call it, “the boulevard of broken limbs.”


Bicyclists are more at risk at faulty sidewalks because of their higher speeds and lack of control. The broken pavement could launch the bicyclist forward, puncture their wheels, or alter their steering and send them into traffic.

Disabled citizens

While numerous residents can find ways to avoid the dangerous pavement by walking or bicycling around it, some may have less options. Those who have to stay on wheelchairs or use crutches to pass can further their disabilities if they cross on crumbling sidewalks. For years, the city has come under fire by the disabled for failing to provide safe grounding for them, which is seen as a violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you are dealing with a personal injury from uneven sidewalks, you should seek a lawyer that has experience dealing with these scenarios. They can handle anything in the case while you focus on healing.