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Dear Elizabeth, It was during very emotional and trying times that the (redacted) Family reached out to you for advice and assistance. Our student-athlete daughter had been subjected to an offense that had the potential to negatively affect her life for many years to come. As parents we were understandably distraught, and while searching for the absolute best possible representation for our daughter, we were led directly to you. To our relief you immediately recognized the wrong that had occurred and sympathized with our plight. We were impressed by your expertise, your candor, and especially with the deep concern that you displayed for our daughter’s well-being throughout the entire process. It was a great relief for us to be able to place our case in your expert and capable hands, and to know that we had a savvy and deliberate litigator working diligently on our behalf at all times. Not only did you represent us fully and with all the vigor and passion that our case deserved, you went above and beyond by treating our family as if we were your own. Your dedication to our case is a testament to your high character, and to the commitment you display toward your clients and to the legal profession as well. As a result of your hard work, our daughter has a bright future ahead of her; one where she can embark upon new endeavors unencumbered by the wrongs of the past. The (redacted) Family has a deep appreciation for you. We will always be grateful for your compassionate counsel, and we thank you from our hearts. Sincerely,
- T. T.