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It can be hard to win motorcycle accident cases because it can be difficult to find sufficient evidence for them. Most riders labor under a stigma that every accident is their fault, and that they have taken a reckless action simply by getting on a motorcycle in the first place.

It’s an unfair assumption, because statistically most accidents between passenger vehicles and motorcycles are caused by the car, not by the motorcycle. Nevertheless, the myth persists and tends to reduce the value of personal injury cases in New York. 

Often, riders aren’t able to say much in their own defense. That is because motorcycle accidents tend to be so much more severe than an accident between two passenger vehicles. The rider is often unconscious, which means they can’t take pictures, can’t gather witness contact information, and can’t gather insurance information.

If the accident happened out on a highway there may not even be any witnesses to contact. There are few video cameras out on the interstate. Accident reconstructionists can do a great deal of work on these cases, but they can’t provide every bit of evidence that might be required to win a motorcycle accident case. 

Enter the riding camera. These cameras mount on the tank or the handlebars of your motorcycle to document your rides. Some mount on the motorcycle’s tail side, instead. Helmet cameras also exist and are often integrated right into the design of an existing motorcycle helmet. 

While these cameras are marketed towards riders who want to capture footage of the countryside as they ride, they also could provide your personal injury lawyer with excellent footage to use in your defense in the event that you find yourself embroiled in a motorcycle accident case. 

For best results, choose a camera with a high frame rate per second and plenty of memory. You also want high-resolution video that can do a better job of preserving evidence, along with a stabilization feature to prevent your video from becoming shaky. Weatherproofing will protect your helmet camera from inclement conditions. 

While we hope that you will have an accident-free riding experience, taking precautions is always wise. 

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