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Many jobs are dangerous with risks to workers’ health and safety. Construction jobs are a prime example of this because there are numerous things that can go wrong at a job site resulting in injury. Sometimes, these accidents are simply accidents. However, sometimes they result from employer negligence or failure to provide safety equipment and a safe working environment. After any construction accident in New York, injured workers may want to consult with New York City construction accident attorneys to ensure that they get the compensation they need and deserve. In nearby New Jersey, a construction worker was injured while he was working in the median of a roadway. The worker, who was 31-years-old was using a chop saw when something happened causing the saw to bounce back toward the worker. The saw cut the man in the chest. The worker was aided by a state trooper who responded and applied QuikClot to stem the bleeding. The worker was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital. Because of the nature of the job, many construction accidents result in work injuries that are serious and require substantial medical care. It can often take weeks or months before an injured worker is back on his or her feet and able to return to work. In some cases, the disability may even be permanent or very long-term. In addition to stacks of medical bills, injured workers often suffer an additional financial setback due to loss of income for an extended period of time. Many workers cannot sustain loss of income for even a short period, let alone several weeks or months. Although many companies offer compensation to workers injured on the job, it is not always sufficient to cover the true costs and loss of income faced by the workers. All employers are required to carry workers’ compensation but it does not always meet a worker’s actual financial needs. When an injury was caused by the actions or inaction of an employer, workers may also want to sue the employer to recover greater compensation. Source:, “State trooper aids construction worker injured by chop saw on Garden State Parkway,” Erin O’Neill, Sept. 25, 2013