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Although NYC’s weather has been characteristically rainy, it will clear up and be a mostly sunny day, according to The New York Times. During rainy and wet months like January, New York drivers are at an increased risk of getting involved in weather-related car accidents. The roads can become slick, resulting in a high number of hydroplaning accidents. Be sure your tires’ tread isn’t worn down and ensure that your windshield wipers are in good working order. Yesterday, in Greenwich Village, a water main burst and consequently flooded some tunnels that overflowed into the street. This caused some road closures that have persisted into today because construction workers are still working on fixing the broken pipe. These street closures will likely cause some heavy traffic, particularly in the area of Broadway and Seventh. Experts say that the Greenwich Village traffic will cause a domino effect leading to traffic in Manhattan as well. The city is still unsure of why the pipe failed. They’re not even sure if it cracked, leaked or burst completely open. City buses have also been rerouted due to the pipe burst. Today’s New York Times update on the goings-on in New York City is extremely typical of the city. Pipe burst, road closures because of construction, traffic jams, rerouted buses and wet roads. All of these are common causes of accidents in the city. If you were involved in one of these types of accidents, contact a New York City personal injury attorney at Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC. We’ll fight for maximum financial compensation on your behalf.