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Sexual Abuse of a Minor


New York’s Sexual Harassment & Abuse Law Firm for Children, Students and Campers

Schools, camps, religious organizations, youth centers and sports programs offer a sexual predator many opportunities to sexually abuse and harass those who are most vulnerable -our children.

The bottom line is that when you send children to Church, school, camp or when they join an athletic program they should not be victims of any abuse or harassment. They should be supervised, monitored and safe. When complaints are made they should be investigated and taken seriously and not ignored and swept under the rug.

The harasser is oftentimes a person with authority in these type of settings, such as a teacher, counselor, coach, bus driver or clergy member. Victims of sex harassment can experience these very unpleasant advances at school or in another public setting and it should not be tolerated.

Each case has its own set of unique facts. Each incident of sexual abuse or harassment is serious. So if you or a loved one has been a victim of any type of Sexual Abuse or Harassment then you should immediately contact a lawyer with experience in this field off law.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sex harassment or abuse, then you should contact the attorneys at Jaroslawicz and Jaros for the advice and guidance you need. As you consider your options, our highly skilled lawyers will help guide you through many tough decisions and with our experience, can help maximize the compensation you deserve.

Sex harassment victims can come forward to take legal action against their harassers, and the entities that have turned a blind eye or fostered this type of behavior. The first step is to get the advice and guidance from an experienced law firm, to understand your rights and options on how to proceed with your case. The attorneys at Jaroslawicz and Jaros will always treat you with dignity, respect and compassion.

Sex Abuse and Harassment Civil Lawsuits

New York State does not have a specific statute of limitations (SOL) for sexual abuse. Our state relies on the type of claim filed to determine what the SOL would be.

  • If the abuse is treated as an intentional act of the abuser, the SOL is only a single year.
  • If it is an action against an institution (like a church or school) for hiring or supervising the abuser, then the SOL extends to three years.
  • Any suit based on negligence also three years.

However, in New York there is no enforcement of the statutes of limitation until after you become you have reached 18 years old. This means that if you wanted to directly sue the abuser or institution for abuse suffered as a child, you would have one year from your 18th birthday to do it. If you wanted to sue a church for hiring an abusive clergyman, or a school for hiring an abusive teacher, you would have three years from your 18th birthday to file suit.

New York provides a much longer statute of limitation if the abuser or institution is convicted of a criminal charge, then the victim has seven (7) to ten (10) years, depending on the crime, to file a civil lawsuit. Since there are many factors and circumstances involving these type of law suits, you need a skilled and experience attorney to fully investigate your case. New York and Federal Law can change, so contacting our lawyers to discuss the details of your case as soon as possible is advisable.

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