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A trip to the grocery store shouldn’t end with you having to take a trip to the emergency room. Unfortunately, some trips do end just like that. When you are injured at a business, you need to make sure that you get the medical care you need right away. Once you have done that, you can take legal action to recover your losses.

Many people are apprehensive about taking legal action for a slip-and-fall accident or any other incident that leads to an injury. This is likely because of how the media portrays some slip and falls. Still, you have to remember that these accidents can cause serious negative impacts to your life.

When you fall at a store, you might hit your head on the floor or on an object. This puts you at risk of a brain injury that can range from a concussion up to a serious brain bleed. Other injuries that might occur include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, contusions, sprains and cuts.

We understand that you didn’t go to the store to suffer an injury. Instead, you were just trying to get some food. Now, you are facing the possibility of having to miss work and pay medical bills while you heal from the incident.

The impacts of the event are what we need to focus on. We also need to determine why you slipped in the first place. All of these can have an impact on your claim against the grocery store. We can help you sort through everything to determine what you might be able to do from here and then put your plan into motion.