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Were You Or A Loved One Attacked By A Dog?

A dog bite can leave you suffering from serious injuries, expensive medical costs for treatment and emotional trauma. You may not know that you may be able to obtain compensation to help with your financial burdens. If a dog owner’s negligence resulted in your injuries, you may be able to hold them accountable. New York state has specific laws concerning dog bites. To get informed on how these laws protect dog bite victims, speak with the New York City personal injury lawyers at Jaroslawicz & Jaros. With more than 300 years of combined experience in personal injury law, our firm is capable of handling a wide range of complex legal issues.

When you work with Jaroslawicz & Jaros, you’ll be choosing a team that:

  • Has recovered more than $1 Billion in damages collectively
  • Has hundreds of clients who have received $1 Million or more in compensation
  • Has written and argued our own appeals
  • Is committed to being available to clients at all times
  • Offers a free initial consultation to all new clients

Strict Liability For Dog Owners

Dog bites and other dog-related injuries are covered in Section 121 of the New York Code. According to this statute, owners of “dangerous dogs” are under strict liability. This means that the dog owner is responsible for the medical costs of injuries that the dog causes to people, livestock and companion animals.

A dog may be considered “dangerous” if it attacks and injures or kills a person, farm animal, or pet without justification, or if the dog behaves in a way that poses an imminent threat of serious injury or death. In addition, a negligent dog owner may be subject to fines in situations where their dog causes injury.

The One-Bite Rule

In the past, many states had a “one-bite rule” that protected owners from being held liable if they did not have reason to know dog might bite. More recently, these rules now work alongside strict liability for dog owners. In New York, the one-bite rule and strict liability are both active. This means that the dog owner may be liable for certain damages regardless of whether or not he had knowledge that his dog might bite, and may still be held accountable for other damages. Together, these laws have two key points:

  • Owners of “dangerous dogs” are liable for medical and veterinary costs.
  • For other damages, victims must prove that the owner was aware of a dog’s dangerous tendency.

Our firm has even represented a dog owner in Staten Island whose pet was mauled by another dog.

We Can Help You Fight For Maximum Compensation

Strict liability may cover the medical costs associated with your dog bite injury, but it may not cover the full cost of your recovery. Your injuries may cause you severe physical and emotional suffering, and affect your ability to work. In order to recover the level of compensation that you need, you may have to take legal action by filing a personal injury claim against the dog owner. If the owner was aware of the dog’s dangerous tendency and neglected to take precautions, they may be held liable for all of the damages you suffer.

At Jaroslawicz & Jaros, our New York City personal injury attorneys have working knowledge of the state’s dog bite laws, and can help victims pursue an effective course of action to obtain compensation. We can help our clients hold dog owners responsible by proving their negligence in an injury claim, and we can work to ensure that each client’s individual needs are seen to during the legal processes. Discuss your situation with our team of legal professionals by scheduling a free case evaluation with our firm today. Call us locally at 212-227-2780.

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