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It appears as though the World Trade Center has been cursed, especially since earlier this year. On Dec. 26, yet another construction accident occurred at the construction site in New York City. This is the seventh one in 2012, leaving many people, perhaps even New York City construction accident attorneys, scratching their heads as to why so many accidents have occurred at the site this year. The string of construction accidents started on February 16, when a crane dropped steel 40 stories. It landed on a flatbed truck and miraculously left no one injured. The summer saw four accidents, beginning on June 2 when a fire ignited on the 89th floor. Luckily, once again there were no injuries reported. On June 26, a 37-year-old worker fell on a piece of steel, which punctured the right side of his body; he was taken to and treated at a hospital. On July 13, a steel beam rolled over a worker’s leg. He was also treated at a nearby hospital. On Aug. 11, a worker fell one story and was treated for minor injuries. Yet again, this fall, a worker inside the World Trade Center hit his head on an overhead pipe and was treated for a minor injury to his head. The latest accident was a fire that erupted in a container at the construction site; thankfully, nobody was injured. Despite strict regulations and safety programs, construction accidents still occur at alarming rates. This is because construction is a dangerous field by nature. Construction workers work with power tools, saws, cords and nails, all which can cause serious injuries. If you work in the construction industry and have an accident that leads to an injury, you might be entitled to pursue compensation with the help of a construction accident attorney at Jaroslawicz & Jaros, PLLC. Source: New York Daily News, “Another accident at World Trade Center construction site in lower Manhattan” Joe Kemp, Dec. 26, 2012