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When people drive while intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs, their ability to stay safe on the road is jeopardized. Sadly, many lives are lost as a result of people getting behind the wheel while they are drunk. However, too many drivers fail to recognize just how dangerous it is to drive while very tired. Sleeping poorly for one night and even driving after 18 hours without sleep greatly increases drowsiness and the chances of a collision. Moreover, drowsy driving and drunk driving are similar in a number of ways.

Looking at the problem

When a driver is drowsy, they are less attentive behind the wheel. In fact, drowsiness is comparable to the effects of alcohol, and drivers who take to the road after missing a night of sleep are often impaired to such an extent that it is like their blood alcohol content level is over the legal limit. Worse, some drivers are both drowsy and drunk, which is an especially dangerous combination. These factors play a role in many motor vehicle collisions.

Holding drowsy drivers accountable

Those who are struck by drivers who are drowsy or drunk deserve justice. Many hardships arise in the wake of a crash, and while some people make excuses for drowsy driving, there is no excuse for endangering lives by driving in such a state. Visit our “Motor Vehicle Accidents” page to go over some other topics related to traffic crashes and make sure that you stand up for your rights if you are a car crash victim.