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Bicycling through New York City can be intimidating. With taxis, commercial vehicles and pedestrians clogging up the streets, biking in the city comes with unique risks. 

If you get into an accident on your bike, you could get a significant injury. Here are some of the most common hazards you will encounter while riding your bike in the city and tips for avoiding them.

1. Car doors opening

You are probably already familiar with the term “dooring.” This is a common occurrence in the city. Drivers may not check to see if you are coming when they open their door into the lane in which you are riding. Getting doored can result in you getting seriously hurt. To prevent injury, you should keep an eye out for cars that just pulled into a parking spot to avoid getting hit on your bike with a car door.

2. Road defects

Potholes riddle the streets of New York City. With all the heavy commercial trucks and harsh weather, the roads take a beating. If you space out for a second while on your bike, you could end up over your handlebars because of a pothole. Always stay alert for potholes and other road hazards, such as street gratings and manholes. 

3. Trucks and buses

When you ride around the city, you will end up encountering various commercial trucks and buses. Do not assume that the drivers of these vehicles see you. They have huge blind spots and may not be as mindful as they should be. Do not attempt to pass a large truck or bus unless you are certain you will be ahead of it before approaching an intersection. If you get hit by a massive vehicle, there could be severe consequences. 

It goes without saying that New York City can be a hectic place to ride your bike. Follow these three tips and you will be a safer cyclist.