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The construction industry is uniquely hazardous. According to OSHA, over 21 percent of worker fatalities in 2016 were in construction. The reasons for construction worker injuries and fatalities are numerous. Some causes are easy to notice, while others are subtle.

Getting familiar with the most prevalent construction injuries will assist you in avoiding accidents. Here are the top four deadly construction accidents.

1. Falls

The leading causes of death on construction sites are falls. Over 38 percent of fatalities in construction occur because of falling. As a construction worker, you are at risk of falling from heights such as ladders, cranes, scaffolding and roofs. Falls may also occur on the same level due to slipping or tripping on a wet or obstructed surface.

2. Falling objects

Another common type of construction accident is objects striking workers. Approximately 9 percent of construction injuries involve struck-by accidents. You may sustain an injury by falling objects such as tools or construction materials. This type of accident commonly results in spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries.

3. Electrocutions

Electrocutions account for over 8 percent of construction fatalities. Electrical hazards include overhead powerlines, live electrical wires and defective machinery. Suffering electrocution may result in a severe burn.

4. Caught in or between equipment or objects

You work in a lot of dangerous places and with potentially hazardous equipment on any given construction site. You may get compressed by or caught in various things, such as a collapsing structure, forklift, large vehicles, walls or concrete. 

These types of construction accidents are the “Fatal Four” according to OSHA. Eliminating these accidents would mean saving 631 construction workers from dying every year. It is unacceptable that worksites are so dangerous for those in the construction injury. Sometimes these accidents occur due to third-party negligence. If you suffer an injury at all while working on a construction site, you should look into the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit.