Interview with Abraham Jaros

And I think that that's just important for people to understand what the turnaround time could be when it comes to pursuing these cases. And I'm so glad you mentioned New York City as well because that's an important point. It's going to differ all across our nation. So thank you so much for clarifying that. Let's talk through a couple of the obstacles people face when they are hiring a personal injury attorney. What holds them back and how can they overcome that challenge?

What holds them back is basically ignorance. Not in a bad way, but people who live their life are not familiar with lawyers or what to do. They approach it one of two ways speaking to friends, family and neighbors, asking for a recommendation or doing an internet search. My advice would be listen to your friends or neighbors, but realize that regardless of what result they personally got in a case, they really don't know if that was a good result or not because they may have settled a case for $30,000 that was really worth $100,000. They just don't know. So my best advice would be listen to your friends or neighbors, but then do an internet search and look at that lawyer's website you mentioned, reviews and testimonials. What do this past clients say about this lawyer and this law firm and what results do they have? Have they taken verdicts? Are they afraid to go to trial or to spend the money to go to trial? Because unfortunately, insurance companies know the different lawyers and the different law firms. So there are law firms that take many, many cases simply to settle them early. There are other law firms that will process the case to maximize the recovery.

And you really should know which type of law firm or lawyer you're hiring. And it's not the easiest thing to find out. But if you do speak to the lawyer and ask the right questions or look at the Internet as well, you can get to that to the root.

And uncover what their goal is and ensure that it's matching what exactly your goal is with the case. Right?

Well, my best example is there's one firm I'm aware of that has 800 cases with all of two lawyers and dozens of paralegals. And their whole system is to sign up to cases and to settle them as quickly as possible. And for some people, that's what they may want.


But if you're seriously injured, that's not really the way to go.

Right. Having a personal touch and having that individual strategy that is applied to your individual situation can be really impactful for the overall outcome of the case.

Right, exactly.

So if you had to give one piece of advice well, I'm like when I go to say that the advice you gave us just now was perfect. Searching those reviews on Google, on the website, searching through the outcomes that the attorney has had on their website, especially if when you go to look for those things, they're not there, that could be a red flag. So I think that's really great advice for those that are searching for a personal injury attorney in New York. So thank you.