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It’s dangerous to walk around in New York, but not because of crime. While the city used to have a bit of a dark reputation, crime rates have plummeted dramatically. Now, experts say the biggest threat is actually from car accidents.

To find out which roads pose the biggest risk, a study was done to simply compile all the pedestrian deaths between 2008 and 2010. Below are the top 11 most dangerous roads in the state and the total fatalities from that three-year span.

1. SR-24. A total of 15 deaths.

2. Broadway (Manhattan). A total of 13 deaths.

3. The Sunrise Highway (Suffolk). A total of 10 deaths.

4. US-130. A total of 10 deaths.

5. US 1&9. A total of 9 deaths.

6. Broadway (Bronx). A total of 7 deaths.

7. King’s Highway. A total of 7 deaths.

8. The Sunrise Highway (Nassau). A total of 7 deaths.

9. Henry Hudson Parkway. A total of 7 deaths.

10. SR-25. A total of 7 deaths.

11. Atlantic Avenue. A total of 7 deaths.

That data comes from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, which looked at statistics from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Without even looking at upstate New York, they found there were around 1,200 pedestrian deaths in total. So, while these roads may be the most dangerous, it’s clear that there is a risk when walking near any road in the state.

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