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Making your way around New York on foot may prove difficult, especially when the streets are full of construction. Workers are constantly erecting scaffolding and either restoring old buildings or creating new ones.

As a pedestrian, you may find yourself particularly vulnerable to injuries around these projects. Find out about some of the dangers lurking around construction zones that may pose a threat to you.

Falling objects and debris

Even though construction companies extend scaffolding over sidewalks, it may not stop the risk of falling objects. Small and large objects alike may become dangerous weapons raining down on you. Getting hit on the head by a small object may not seem like a big deal. However, you must consider the height from which that debris originated. Anything falling far enough may inflict serious damage to you, especially your head. According to the Mayo Clinic, a strike to the head may result in traumatic brain injury.

Tripping and slipping hazards

Construction may cause the sidewalk to shift or pieces of brick to rise up. When this occurs, you may trip as you make your way over it. Chemicals used during construction may spill, causing the walkway to become slick. Slipping and falling on a city sidewalk or street may land you in the hospital with spinal cord issues or even head trauma.

Distracting sounds and sights

You may find yourself gawking at a newly constructed building. Taking your eyes off the walkway ahead may cause you trouble. You may fall into a hole and roll your ankle or crash into a barricade, scaffolding or other people.

Staying conscious of what is around and above you is the best way to avoid falling victim to construction site injuries. However, if you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. See our personal injury overview to learn more.