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In New York City, it is hard to look down the street without seeing a taxi. Hailing a cab is something you have likely done once if not many times. But what happens when you are injured in a taxi cab that gets into an accident? Who is liable? What do you do next?


Who is liable?

Liability issues for injured taxi passengers, as well as passengers of most vehicles, work differently than if you were driving your own vehicle. For one, you cannot be liable for the crash because you had no part in controlling the accident, you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this case, you would file a claim and seek compensation from one of two individuals:

  1. The cab driver: If the cab driver is negligent, or caused the crash, then you would be able to file a claim against them.
  2. The other driver: If your cab driver is clearly not at fault, you can file against the other driver, assuming you have their information.
  3. Both drivers: Sometimes it is not clear who caused the accident, and if you are injured and do not know, you can file against both of them.

    After you sue the lawyers will work it out in the lawsuit. If the injuries are serious then it is also important to find out how much insurance each car has.

What happens next?

Gather all of the information you can from the crash and seek medical attention for your injuries. If you are injured, call the police and have them assess the scene. However, remember that getting the help you need when you are injured should be at the top of your mind.