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With 472 stations and 27 lines, New York City has one of the largest subway systems in the world, conveying over 5 million riders to their destinations every day of the week. It’s little wonder that there are accidents from time to time. 

Subway accidents aren’t common, but people get struck by trains, fall on the tracks, get caught in doors, and hit by objects that fall from trains. As the subway stations are in such poor repair, we also see a lot of slip-and-fall cases on escalators and stairwells leading down to the subway system. 

When that happens, it is possible to sue MTA, but you’ll have to act fast. Your lawyer must file a Notice of Claim with the MTA within 90 days of the accident. If you don’t file a Notice of Claim on time, it will be impossible to pursue your case. 

To win a subway lawsuit, we must prove that MTA failed in their duty of care to maintain the trains or platform safely or provide adequate security. Personal injury lawsuits don’t cover every bad thing that happens, so we must provide evidence that proves negligence. MTA defense lawyers will try to defend themselves by blaming you for the accident and your injuries. 

We also look for other potentially liable parties, such as other passengers or companies who sold defective equipment.

We thoroughly investigate each subway accident to find that proof. We look for poor train maintenance, malfunctioning equipment, poor driver training, and other issues. If possible, we’d still encourage you to gather the names of numbers of witnesses after an accident and to take as many photos as possible. Document any obvious safety issues that might have contributed to y our accident or injuries. 

While some subway accident victims are too injured to do this, there’s no denying that it helps. 

Seek medical care immediately, and follow all doctor’s instructions. Failing to do so can irrevocably harm your subway accident case. Do this even if you feel like you may be unhurt. Some injuries can take time to appear. 

You’ll take similar steps if you’re injured on the AirTrain, the Amtrak, the Long Island Rail Road, the Metro-North Railroad, New Jersey Transit, or the Port Authority Trans-Hudson. In each case, it’s vital for you to work with a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible to protect your claim.

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