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A woman in New York was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and the police believe the vehicle that fled from the crash was a yellow cab.

The crash occurred between 69th Street and 68th Street, on Lexington Avenue. Reports indicate that it was around five in the morning when it happened.

Initial reports indicated that the woman stepped out into the road, but later reports showed that she was actually riding in one cab when she opened the door and fell out. She was then run over by a second cab, and both vehicles fled. The driver of the cab she was riding in has since been found and arrested.

Pictures from the scene show yellow police tape on the side of the road. There is also a sign set up telling the public that a fatal hit-and-run took place there and giving them a number to call if they have any tips or information for the police.

Emergency crews did respond to the scene and took the woman to a local hospital. Unfortunately, medical professionals at the hospital announced that she had passed away.

The accident happened close to Hunter college, and a woman who works at the college pointed out that there are many cameras in the area. She believes that the accident was probably caught on tape by at least one of them.

Reports did say that the cabs were going south at the time of the crash and kept going that way after the wreck.

A hit-and-run accident is tragic when it results in a death, and, though financial compensation won’t bring the person back, family members who have lost a loved one may want to know their rights to compensation to cover lost wages, funeral costs, medical costs and more.

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