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Construction work is inherently dangerous and can lead to severe injuries or even death on the job. Recently, a construction worker was killed and another was seriously injured after a building partially collapsed during construction in Brooklyn. The structure collapsed when workers were loading heavy cement blocks onto the top of the building. Several workers were on the roof of the building when a support beam gave way. Investigators proffer that the beam was not supported properly. Upon its collapse, two workers fell 30 feet. The two victims had to be pulled from the debris. One was killed in the accident and the other severely injured. The incident has called attention to the hazards of construction sites, and the associated dangers for workers. Construction workers may be entitled to compensation for their injuries if they are harmed on the job due to falling, being struck by loose debris or other construction site hazards. The families of construction workers killed on-the-job also have a right to seek compensation. Workers’ compensation provides one source of financial recovery. Additionally, if the negligent actions of a third party contributed to the accident, a civil suit provides another avenue for victims to pursue relief. An attorney can provide further information about potential claims as they relate to workers’ compensation and third party liability suits. There are many laws and regulations specific to the construction industry, so the advice of a New York City construction accident attorney can be valuable. Source: Crain’s New York, “Construction Accident Kills 1 in Brooklyn,” Tania Karas, Sept. 10, 2012