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Accountability matters after a catastrophic car crash

Car accidents are difficult for everyone involved. Most people will have at least some soreness after the crash, but some will suffer from a catastrophic injury that requires extensive treatment. All of these physical impacts can be serious, but the emotional damage that is done might also be hard to cope with.

When you are struck by another driver who could have avoided the accident, you might be fuming mad. You may feel the need to do something about the situation. You do have the option to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash. This can help you counteract the financial impacts of the crash, but it can do much more than that.

Elderly slip and fall accidents rising

Despite increased awareness about elderly slip and falls, the issue is on the rise. A CDC review of the data doesn't just show an increase, but a massive jump in the number of emergency visits, hospitalizations and deaths since 2007.

Everyone is prone to slipping on something, tripping over a hazard, or falling and injuring themselves. Because elderly bodies are more vulnerable to harm, they make up a larger percentage of those injuries. But not all of them. Many of those injuries are preventable if property owners would maintain or clean up after themselves.

Injuries vary greatly in car crashes so be prepared

Car crashes can cause serious problems with the human body. The injuries that you suffer in an accident can range from scrapes up to fatal ones. There is no way to predict exactly what injuries you will suffer in the accident, so learning about the possibilities might help you evaluate yourself for potential problems.

One of the issues that can occur is that you will suffer from a broken bone. This might seem like a minor injury, but think about how difficult it would be to do your job and handle life's tasks with a broken arm or leg. This might be close to impossible.

Construction site safety must be made a priority

A construction site is filled with hazards that must be expertly navigated by the men and women who work at them. Even though there are some very serious hazards, there are just as many safety procedures and protocols to help keep these hard workers safe. Unfortunately, not all construction companies require employees to use these safety procedures.

There are some hazards that are more common than others. These are actually large risks that can lead to serious injuries or even death. The risk of falls, which can occur from ladders, scaffolding and other elevated surfaces, is one of these. It isn't feasible to tell workers not to climb, but it can be required that they use harnesses and other devices to help them from hitting the ground if they do fall.

Man killed in construction accident in Queens

Construction sites must be safe spaces for workers who are doing the job. When there are safety violations, workers might think that something is going to happen to them while they are just trying to earn a living. Tragically, these safety violations can sometimes lead to worker deaths.

In Queens, a man who was concerned about the conditions of a work site recently died while he was doing his job. He was crushed to death between a forklift and a wall. He died at the site of the accident.

How can pedestrians stay safer this spring and summer?

Walking around New York shouldn't be a death sentence. Since the warmer weather is just around the corner, anyone who is going to walk around the city should make sure they are being as safe as possible.

One of the most important things to remember is to use sidewalks and crosswalks when they are available. If they aren't, you should walk against traffic so that you are facing the vehicles coming toward you.

The cost of a car crash you didn't cause isn't yours to cover

Car crashes can lead to serious accidents. We know that you didn't leave home this morning with the hope of landing in the hospital. The shock of the accident might be more than you can handle. Unfortunately, there probably isn't a way to just ignore the fact that you were injured. We are here to help you address the financial aftermath of the crash.

When you are struck by another person, you have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. This can help you recover the money that you are out of because of the accident. Just to be clear, there isn't any reason why you should be financial liable for the crash when you were minding your business and driving safely.

Top 4 deadly construction accidents

The construction industry is uniquely hazardous. According to OSHA, over 21 percent of worker fatalities in 2016 were in construction. The reasons for construction worker injuries and fatalities are numerous. Some causes are easy to notice, while others are subtle.

Getting familiar with the most prevalent construction injuries will assist you in avoiding accidents. Here are the top four deadly construction accidents.

Plan to seek compensation after a car crash

When you are in a car crash, your priority is likely going to be making sure you aren't too badly injured. No matter how serious your injuries, there are a few points that you need to remember if you are in a car crash that someone else caused.

One of the things that you have to think about is that you might decide to seek compensation from the driver who struck you. Even if you don't really think that you are going to do this, you should keep the possibility in mind at each step of the case.

Beware of construction injury impacts

Construction accidents can lead to some very serious injuries. Anyone who is in the construction industry should take the steps necessary to keep themselves safe. Unfortunately, worker safety sometimes relies on the policies and equipment provided by the employers.

When workers suffer an injury at a construction site, they need to make sure that they are getting the medical care they need. Without this, it is impossible to determine how the injuries might impact them in the future. It is also very difficult to ascertain what type of treatments and healing process will be necessary after the accident.

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