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Top 3 risks for bicyclists in New York City

Bicycling through New York City can be intimidating. With taxis, commercial vehicles and pedestrians clogging up the streets, biking in the city comes with unique risks. 

If you get into an accident on your bike, you could get a significant injury. Here are some of the most common hazards you will encounter while riding your bike in the city and tips for avoiding them.

Motorcycles lead to a disproportionate fatality rate

Wondering if riding a motorcycle is really more dangerous than driving a car? Some argue that it's not, with the proper gear and training, but the raw statistics tell a different story.

For example, a study carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that motorcycle accident deaths account for about 5 percent of all of the fatalities that happen on America's highways in a given year.

Woman killed in Upper East Side hit and run

A woman in New York was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and the police believe the vehicle that fled from the crash was a yellow cab.

The crash occurred between 69th Street and 68th Street, on Lexington Avenue. Reports indicate that it was around five in the morning when it happened.

Why don't construction workers always have fall protection gear?

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the construction industry. Advanced fall protection gear does exist, but many workers don't use it. Considering what's at stake, why don't they?

There are numerous reasons. Some go back to the employees themselves, who talk about the gear being too hot, heavy or uncomfortable on the job. They may have started out using it and then stopped as time went by and they grew both annoyed with the gear and confident that they wouldn't fall.

How can you make your doctor listen?

Few things are as frustrating as a doctor who won't listen. You want answers, but the doctor isn't paying any attention. Are you closer to a solution or are you just wasting time and money?

The risk is huge. One study found that over 100,000 people pass away from medical mistakes annually in the United States, and most of the mistakes revolve around an incorrect diagnosis. What can you do to make your doctor listen?

How can I protect myself from failure to diagnose errors?

Failure to diagnose errors are becoming more common in New York and all across the country. When doctors overlook or fail to properly analyze their patients’ symptoms, they cannot provide them with the right diagnosis or treatment. If you have been under the weather or not feeling your best lately, you may be getting ready to make an appointment to see your doctor. You may have put off this decision for as long as possible because sometimes you feel your doctor is not taking your ailments seriously. 

It is not necessary for you to avoid medical treatment because you fear for your health and life. Here is a brief overview of steps you can take to avoid becoming a medical malpractice victim

What are New York's most dangerous roads for pedestrians?

It's dangerous to walk around in New York, but not because of crime. While the city used to have a bit of a dark reputation, crime rates have plummeted dramatically. Now, experts say the biggest threat is actually from car accidents.

To find out which roads pose the biggest risk, a study was done to simply compile all the pedestrian deaths between 2008 and 2010. Below are the top 11 most dangerous roads in the state and the total fatalities from that three-year span.

Texting and driving may be connected to other unsafe activities

Texting and driving is obviously a huge issue, especially with young people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that deadly accidents that are linked to driver distraction are most common with those who are under 20 years old.

However, while using the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), the CDC uncovered a few very interesting statistics about distracted driving. One thing they found was that those who text and drive often are also more likely to be involved in a number of other risky behaviors. There was a direct connection between texting and driving and:

  1. Being more likely to drive after consuming alcohol.
  2. Being less likely to put on a seat belt.
  3. Being more likely to get in the car with another driver who had already consumed alcohol.

App aims to make roads safer by collecting driver data

The hustle and bustle of New York City is one of the things that attracts many people to its boroughs. However, the fast-paced way of life and influx of people also mean lots of vehicles on the road. Despite the best efforts of law makers and law enforcement, car crashes unfortunately remain a common occurrence.

A new smartphone app has been developed that aims to drastically cut down on the number of motor vehicle accidents that happen. By collecting data about drivers and their bad behaviors, the technology can use that information to predict where and when accidents likely to occur. Considering the fact that 93 percent of crashes are caused by human error, this data could prove to be vitally important.

A brief explanation of failure to diagnose

Medical malpractice is a wide ranging issue that many patients face for one reason or another. Medical malpractice can occur without notice and to anyone receiving medical care. It doesn't only happen when a person goes under the knife or laser for some form of surgical procedure. Here is a brief explanation of failure to diagnose in New York.

Medical malpractice is defined as the failure to treat a patient in accordance with good and accepted medical practice. In order to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit a doctor must first be retained to review the patient's medical records and then must provide an opinion that the treatment provided was not in accordance with good and accepted medical practice and that this failure cause an injury that caused the patient pain and suffering.

Professionals in the medical world can be held liable if the failure to diagnose, or the delay in a diagnosis, causes an injury to a patient. Medical professionals can also be held liable if the failure or delay in diagnosis leads to a patient's disease progressing to a point past where it would have progressed if a timely diagnosis was issued.

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