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Icy crash kills 3-year-old boy and his mother

Ice and snow covering the roads in New York make driving extremely dangerous, even for those who slow down and drive safely in winter conditions. A deadly accident can be caused by one simple mistake that makes the wreck all but unavoidable.

A recent crash helps to shed light on the dangers. A mother, along with her wife and her 3-year-old son, were stopped on Interstate 684, along with other traffic. They were heading south.

Top 10 construction safety violations

You're worried about getting hurt at work because your boss and the other employees often violate what you think are clear safety standards. You feel like it's just an accident waiting to happen.

You may be right. To help you identify the risks, here are the top 10 violations listed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for one calendar year.

  1. Scaffolding issues, such as the improper use of a scaffolding or not using a safe and well-maintained scaffold system.
  2. Not using proper fall protection or using it incorrectly.
  3. Errors during excavations.
  4. Ladder violations, such as improper use on an unsafe surface.
  5. Not wearing necessary head protection to protect from falling objects.
  6. Excavations. This checks in twice on the list, showing a high level of risk. The second time, it was for violating requirements for protective systems.
  7. Not communicating properly about hazards and giving workers the information they needed to be safe.
  8. Not training workers on how to properly use fall protection gear.
  9. General health and safety violations on a construction site.
  10. Issues with electrical systems. These included violations for protection gear, system designs and wiring methods.

3 accidents that can happen in an NYC parking lot

Parking lots may seem like uneventful places, but they are the location for many types of accidents to both motorists and pedestrians. In fact, CBS cites statistics from the National Safety Council that show parking lots and parking garages are home to 20 percent of auto accidents, leading to a yearly average of 60,000 injured people and 500 deaths.

Be aware of the following hazards so you can reduce the chances of experiencing an accident and injury.

Conditions that can lead to stairway falls

Among the most dangerous slip and fall accidents are those that take place on the stairs. You may have heard that a stair that's just a millimeter higher than the others can make you trip due to muscle memory, and that's true, but it's not the only risk you face. A fall could lead to serious injuries or even death, so it's important to know of which risk factors to be aware.

Some common hazards include:

Car accident leaves vehicle on sidewalk and 6 people injured

A car accident in New York ended with six people injured and at least one vehicle sitting on the sidewalk.

Reports indicate that the accident happened right around 1:20 in the afternoon, when a Ford Explorer and a Lincoln Town Car crashed at the intersection where Liberty Street meets Broadway. After they crashed, the Explorer smashed into a person riding a bicycle, while the Town Car kept going down the road, slammed into a third car, jumped over the curb, and wound up on the sidewalk.

Why you should always get a second opinion

At some point in your life, you may face some major decisions about your medical care that you do not think will have a major impact on your health and life. As trusting as you are of your physician in New York, there is always the risk that he or she may not perform duties properly and make mistakes with your care. 

Mistakes can happen at any time, and these could cause you to become a victim of medical malpractice. You may not think you can afford to get additional opinions. However, the price you could end up paying for your trusted health care provider’s errors could be more than you can pay. Here is why: 

2 on-duty officers hurt in car accident

When people think about the dangers that police officers face on a daily basis, it's natural to think about chasing down criminals or gun violence. However, the reality is that car accidents are still one of the biggest hazards of the job. With emergency response measures and car patrols, the risk is impossible to avoid.

That risk was recently highlighted by a crash involving two officers in Brooklyn. Shortly after 11:00 in the morning on a Saturday, the officers got a call about an emergency situation, and they responded. They headed down Ridgewood Avenue, going east, in a clearly marked squad car.

Why doctors often fail to diagnose appendicitis

You go to the doctor because you're having a lot of pain in your abdomen. Your doctor tells you it's all right, that it's probably just gas and an upset stomach, and tells you to take some over-the-counter medications.

It turns out that you really have appendicitis. You get treatment, but it turns into an emergency operation with a very real chance of serious injury or even death. Why did your doctor make the wrong diagnosis?

Your doctor is rushed because costs are so high

Do you think that your trip to the doctor went by way too quickly? Did you feel like your doctor rushed in and out of the room without taking much time to talk to you?

Your doctor likely agrees. The reason for the rush is that costs are so high.

10 critical texting and driving statistics

Sometimes you think it feels like laws don't even make a difference. Every time you drive to work, you see countless people texting while they're driving. Maybe you're even riding in your carpool with a driver who won't put the phone down.

To better understand the situation and the risks, here are a few critical texting and driving statistics:

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